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Why You Need All-season & Winter Tyres for the Colder Months

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Why You Need All-season & Winter Tyres for the Colder Months

Winter tyres · Posted by: Mobile Tyres 2 U · 4th December 2020

With the new year fast approaching, it’s safe to say that we’re truly into the winter months. While we still have Christmas and NYE celebrations to look forward to, on the driving front, things aren’t looking quite as fun. With longer, darker nights and colder, more unpredictable weather on the horizon, it’s absolutely essential that we equip our vehicles with the necessary features to best tackle the obstacles ahead. That’s why, this month, the Mobile Tyres 2 U team are going to be going over some of the key benefits of winter and all-season tyres.

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What’s the difference between winter and all-season tyres?

Let’s start with winter tyres. Designed specifically for colder conditions, winter tyres fare best in temperatures below 7°C. Typically, winter tyres will feature deeper and more complex tread patterns, as well as more natural rubber. This is because the synthetic rubber of regular tyres is much more likely to harden in colder weather, which can seriously impact performance. 

All-season tyres, on the other hand, are designed with both summer and winter in mind, meaning a more delicate balance of materials and tread patterns is required. While winter tyres will outperform all-season tyres in colder conditions, you will find that all-season tyres offer a better allround performance package.



What are the benefits of winter and all-season tyres?

Safety: One of the main reasons why you would invest in winter or all-season tyres for the winter months is because they are safer. That is, with shorter stopping distances and better grip, you are much more likely to have and maintain control whilst out driving in poor conditions than with regular tyres.

Fuel economy: Not only are winter tyres far safer than regular tyres when used in inclement weather, they also offer much better performance. That is, it’s much easier for winter tyres to access and translate the engine’s power whilst on the road in poor conditions, which means your engine doesn’t need to work as hard to travel at the required speed. The upshot of this: improved fuel economy.

Longevity: Not only are winter and all-season tyres designed to perform better in winter conditions, but they are also designed to last longer. Regular tyres will struggle if exposed to cold, wintery conditions for too long, particular if you don’t store your vehicle in a garage. With this in mind, you could well end up saving yourself money in the long run if you invest in winter tyres.

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Should I buy winter or all-season tyres?

Ultimately, this comes down to how much money you’re willing to spend, and also how much effort you are willing to put in. Whilst winter tyres will net you the best overall performance in colder weather, this also means that you will probably want a different set for summer to swap between. The benefit of all-season tyres is that you can invest in one high-quality set that you never switch out, giving you all-year-round peace of mind.



Need winter tyres for your vehicle? Get in touch with Mobile Tyres 2 U today. With a variety of different winter and all-season tyres in stock, you can be sure that you will find the right set for your vehicle. We operate throughout High Wycombe, Watford and the surrounding areas and our friendly team are always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more.