Tyre Size Checker

When it comes to finding new tyres to enhance the safety and performance of your vehicle it can be complicated to know what to look out for.

The brand name, size and some important performance details are printed on your tyre’s sidewall, and knowing these will help our engineers when it comes to finding proper replacements, or if you need repairs.

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To help you understand what all the information located on your tyre means, take a look at our handy guide above.

Check your Tyre Size

  • To check your tyre size, first look at the tyre sidewall. You will see a string of numbers and letters.
  • For example: 245/40 R 18 92V
  1. The first number you see in the string of numbers will the tyre width in millimetres. In our example, this is 245.
  2. The second number will be your tyre profile. This is the depth. In our example, this is 40.
  3. The third number will be your rim size which is measured in inches. In our example, this is 18.
  4. The final number and letter will be the load and speed rating given to your tyres. In our example, this is 92V.

That gives you the string of letters and numbers on your tyre, 245/40 R 18 92V

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