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Essential Vehicle Checks Before Your Road Trip

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Essential Vehicle Checks Before Your Road Trip

Vehicle Checks · Posted by: Mobile Tyres 2 U · 5th June 2021

Unfortunately, the pandemic has meant that international travel isn’t really worth it – or in some cases, down right impossible – for most people this year. While this has been somewhat restrictive when it comes to holidays, it’s also given a lot of us Brits more time to explore a little closer to home.

Of course, travelling around the UK means that we’re probably going to be using our cars a lot, so it’s important to make sure that you carry out essential checks before you start putting your vehicle through its paces.

Woman pointing at a map in a car

Here’s a quick list of the essential vehicle checks that you need to make before a road trip from the Mobile Tyres 2 U team:


  • Oil – one of the most important checks that you will need to carry out before you get started on your road trip is your oil. It keeps your car’s engine running smoothly, and if you run out you won’t get far. Check your oil by locating the dipstick under the bonnet and pull it all the way out. If your car is on the newer side, you might be able to check the oil level on the central monitor.
  • Wipers and wiper fluidyou’re going to be travelling around the UK, so preparing for rubbish weather is essential. We recommend giving your windscreen wipers a proper check to ensure they’re running smoothly and topping up your wiper fluid if necessary too. And it’s not just rain your preparing for, remember: insects, pollen and other sorts of debris can make a real mess of your windscreen after a while.
  • Tyre pressureon a road trip, your tyres are probably going to take quite the beating, so it’s important to check your tyre pressure before you set off. You can do this by checking your vehicle’s onboard computer system, or if your vehicle is a little older, you can take it to the forecourt of a petrol station and use one of their pressure gauges.
  • Coolant – newer vehicles probably won’t need to ever check their coolant as they have a closed cooling system. If yours is on the older side, it’s worth checking this to ensure you’ve got a healthy engine for the duration of your trip. You should be able to see the coolant in a reservoir above the engine. If it’s above the marker, you’re good to go.
  • Lights – even though the days couldn’t be longer at the moment, it’s important to check your lights to make sure they’re ready for any night driving. With the help of a friend, steadily work through each of your lights (headlights, brake lights indicators and full beam) to ensure that everything’s in order.
  • Emergency breakdown supplies – no one thinks it will happen to them, which makes it all the more frustrating when it does. Don’t be caught out, pack some emergency breakdown supplies, such as a red warning triangle to put behind your vehicle and some blankets just in case it gets cold while you wait for the breakdown team.



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